COVID-19 CrystalMix PCR Kit

Ultra-fast Real-time PCR system

UF PCR COVID-19 CrystalMix PCR Kit provides a range of testing options for the real-time detection of 2019-Novel Coronavirus by ultra-fast real-time PCR. The Kit is a lyophilized real-time PCR mix containing a specific primer and probe for the amplification of the 2019-Novel coronavirus.

Sample Format: Polymer Based 3-Dimensional Microfluidic Chip

Operationg Mechanism : Precise Control of Peltier element
Temperature : ± 0.5°C
Temperature Uniformity : ± 0.5°C (Well to Well)
Temperature Stability : ± 0.5°C
Ramping Rate : 8.0°C / second
Range of Temperature Setting : 35 ~ 65 (1.0°C Increment) for RT Step
  20 ~ 99 (1.0°C Increment) for PCR
Number of Samples per run : 10 samples
Required Sample : 10µl
Typical PCR Duration : Less than 20 Minutes for 40 Cycles
Method of Detection : Analysis of Digitized Fluorescence Signal
Display : Text LCD (4 Line)
Ramping Rate : 8.0°C / second
Integrated Memory : Saves up to 12 PCR Protocols
Type of Excitation : High Brightness LED
Wavelength : 465nm ± 10nm
Number of Detection Channel : 1 channel (FAM, SYBR Green)
Method of Fluorescence Measurement : Integrated Camera Module
PC Connection : USB 2.0
Power (Wattage) : AC 110-230V (50-60Hz) input / DC 12V Output (70W)
Dimension : 200(w) x 200(d) x 125(h) mm
Weight : 3.2kg


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